Our Key Personnel

1. Mrs. Ranu Banerjee - Promoter

Founded ICB Associates in the year 2000. Key controller of Finance/ Authorized Signatory on all Legal/Finance/Banking matter.

2. Mr. Subrato Banerjee – President Marketing

Business experience over 30 years. Specializes in Business Development, Institutional Trade and Export/Import.

3. Mr. Satrajeet Banerjee - Technical and commercial President

BSC Degree and having sound knowledge in computer operating. Experienced in coordination with Foreign Principals/ import documents and preparation of institutional offers for 2 years. Authorized signatory on sales invoices/offers/tenders/money receipts.

4. Mr. Amitava Roy – Commerce Degree

Experienced in computer hardware and software for 3 years. Specialized in data processing and office administration. Authorized to maintain accounts of the company

5. Mr. Bijoy Mondal – Working as sales representative (Graduate)

Experienced in computer hardware and software for 3 years.

6. Sarvajaya Consultancy Pvt. Ltd - Mr. Santanu Bhattacharjee – Chartered Accountant

Engaged to prepare the Balance Sheet as per Proprietorship Company Law.